#075 – Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast – Anthony Lindsey and Greg Piper – Mission District, San Francisco

#075 – Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast – Anthony Lindsey and Greg Piper – Mission District, San Francisco

AHOY! Friday November 01 – 2013 – What Say You? Say now! Welcome to Lindsey Session #075 – 75 podcast sessions! I want to Thank you all for listening.

This session is getting out Tardy, funny, I don’t feel tardy. The Podcast Session is tardy because I am trying to make a better present for Futureman – so I met with someone in berkeley about possibly working for equity in a company, great meeting but a little premature. Meetings will continue.

Everynight on my computer I have been getting better with Garageband, downloading tutorials and getting to know this software better and I was trying to get out a Video Podcast edition of this podcast, but It is taking me longer that I thought, and I need to get this podcast out, Goats are depending on me! so look out for the video podcast, cooing soon to a youTube Channel near you!

Let’s see – First, Check it out – I got another mention on Fitzdog Radio! He reads things OVERHEARD by people that write in and tell him what they heard, I sent him a few, he reads one! – check it out from the Colin Quinn, October 29th podcast

[CLIP from the Colin Quinn, October 29th podcast, I am mentioned at 36:40 for Overheards]

Talked to both my brothers and my Dad this week, family rules! Call yours!

I hope your halloween was fun. Mine was filled with profound observations, #1 if I am going out alone, chances are I wont go. I was working at home that night, then making myself get ready to go – I was late getting down to Bart’s show, alone, walking the whole way. I got there at like 12:30, stood at the bar downstairs, had one drink, one selfie and one Facebook check in, then i started my good block/bad block wake home. Horrible night. But I need to make better plans..with people. instead of thinking, “Yea, I’ll go to that show” And I don’t end up going, or running down so late I miss everything – so I hope to make some shows soon with an entourage so I actually make the show. Keep inviting me! I am just really used to spending my time alone, and trying my best to NOT be isolated and weird.

And now, for your weekend, I present to you Lindsey Session Podcast #075 I am back at Chez Treat with Gregory Coates Piper. We sit down and Hash it out!

Listen Now as Greg and I discuss: Being a confident Whore, Parents and Family, seeing your divorced parents in the same room – a rare sighting, Our 20s VS our 40s and being healthier now, 150 year olds, what doesn’t kill you…, veterans of wars, beating the draft, owning the company, I am back in college, fitzdog radio, and we discuss reliable cars in a round of Poor Man’s Top Gear – or Bottom Gear stay tuned, don’t touch that dial!

Meanwhile…in upcoming podcasts, Fresh Sessions, Fresh content and guests galore, Skype sessions, New Games and Segments, Guests calls, Stump The Chump, Podcast Challenges and more Lindsey Session Tales of the Road! Stay Tuned!

To Book a LIVE Audience Podcast, or LAP SHOW if you like acronyms, and if it comes to that, No Touching! OR To hire me as your Assistant and Podcast producer, Consultant, Podcasting by Proxy, Social Media Content Manager, and any other inquries. please contact me – Anthony@AnthonyLindseyPodcast.com You may also Follow me on Twitter @1AnthonyLindsey – and on Facebook.com/TheLindseySessions or /SirAnthonyLindsey Tweet or FaceBook me a question, I’ll answer it ON THE AIR!

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That’s a wrap on Lindsey Sessions Podcast #075! many thanks to Today’s Guest, music contributor, regular guest, sidekick and podcast sounding board Greg Piper of Horsepucky and super natural, thanks to my writer, Engineer, Producer, editor, and publicist: Anthony Lindsey, Have a great week! This is Anthony Lindsey for Greg Piper and Farmer Todd – saying – KEEP MOVING!

Chez treat, October 2013 - Mission District,San Francisco! Anthony and Greg!

Chez treat, October 2013 – Mission District,San Francisco! Anthony and Greg!

Anthony at Chez Treat

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