#083 – Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast – Anthony Lindsey and Alwyn Quebido – Nerds!

#083 – Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast – Anthony and Alwyn – Nerds!

AHOY! This Podcast Session is brought to you By Amazon.com when you click through AnthonyLindseyPodcast.com! Friday November 29 – 2013 – What Say You? Say now! Welcome to Lindsey Session #083 – 83 podcast sessions! I want to Thank you all for listening. When you are shopping this holiday season and America IS a consumer and service based economy with horrible schools – so shop we will!! don’t fight it- PLEASE goto AnthonyLindseyPodcast.com, bookmark it – find the Amazon Banners and click before you shop, The Lindsey Sessions Studios needs equipment, please support the show and Amazon, a sponsor that works for the underdog-podcaster, others would just drop me like a certain audiobook company did to me, Amazon is the future, and Lindsey Sessions Studios gets a taste and you don’t pay extra! Long Live Amazon~! Kiss my ass Audible! Amazon..live long and prosper!!

I trust you all had a lovely thanksgiving. My Bros and my pappy we all got busy…work…family, and all my bills came at me at once, so I cancelled my car rental, decided to stay in oakland and let my brother just get home to his sweet family and have been cat sitting for a friend. I walked to Piedmont in Oakland from Lake Merritt, had some lovely Garlic Chicken and rice, watched some cable and walked home. I dig cats so it was nice to have some feline company. I walked home and completed my 5.86 mile round trip. My belt fits loose, but don’t worry, soon as I post this podcast I am off to get a turkey and mashed potatoes dinner with all the trimmings. call it a Thanksgiving Make-up session! But I feel like the only person, save Superfan Giovanni, who also spent thanksgiving alone, that isn’t wearing fat pants. but I wish I could have been so full that I pass-out and nap on the floorbelow the tv, heaven!

I am super busy with projects and Working on the crowd funding rewards and working on a campaign video. I want to launch the first week of December, but I may change my mind. More news on the crowd-funding project next week.

Speaking of SuperFan Giovanni of Carolla fame – google him – HE suggested that podcasters like myself, release on Sat and Sun and corner the market, there is a very interesting podcast about this. listen to PodGodz 81. if you google it – it comes right up! Check it out, to me it’s like a podcasting lecture series, and if you listen and know me, I always take good advice and give it thought. So I am pondering a 3rd show every week. but I am so busy with nothing that pays, and I can barely get these 2 out on Mondays and Fridays, so I digress. suffice to say..I am looking for a paying client. my unemployment is pretty-much run-out…savings- dwindled! I am freaking out. I found a place to do the live audience podcast, upstairs at Fat Cat Cafe in Oakland near 19th street bart. I was locking that down today, its a small space that I would not need an amp or a Public Address System for. perfect for a first go of it. but I need to find a paying client, or I may have to find a job, in a month. I need to start working by end of December, first of the year.

One of the topics covered today is San Franciscians caught in the middle of Municipal Events or Parades, etcetera. Imagine residents that live in the city they love, that get the fuck outta town as it fills with outta-towners. Most events are swarmed with tourist that don’t live in San Francisco. April 20th – 420 attracts people that swarm the city and pot clubs for a free shake-joint or a deal on an 1/8 – I stay away that day. Homosexuals that LIVE in SF flee the day before Pride weekend, cause it is packed with tourists and they live here so they are over it. And often folks with tons of money make plans that effect the folks that have to work 2 jobs..or more. So the initial attitude is WTF? How do I know this? I live and breathe. Leave a comment on your story of how a parade or municipal event made you late for something.

ALSP Double Feature Recommendation: Rushmore and Groundhog Day – both are stories of a hero that stumbles through his life and changes/grows to make everything better in the end. I find them to be similar stories at the basic core. And they both have Bill Murray, my absolute favorite, and the comedian that inspired me to get up on stage in the 9th grade at Hamilton Freshman School, Speech Arts class, and recite his monologue from STRIPES – [monologue]

Last Podcast Nero suggested Mr Wonderful for me to watch, I am watching it this weekend and will review it with Nero on the next time we podcast together!

And now, for your weekend, I present to you Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast #083! Fresh Hot Content from a marathon of exciting guests just last week, Part one, of a Session at Alwyn’s flat, where we sat down and hashed it out. I hadn’t seen Alwyn in a couple of few! The Lindsey mobile Session Studios recorded it live in San Francisco, California! I present an interview with City OF Women Guitarist and Rock Star Alwyn Quebido! – we discuss:

The Tip and then some – Alwyn’s rules for tipping-Cab drivers edition, Modern Cannabis Barter System, Cutting my own hair, Anatomy of a BatKid, Raining on Parades and other municipal events, The phase before the break-up, Weddings VS Tony Montana Death Scene, Flat-Mate Cameo, A Nerd Breakdown and Earning your Nerd Merit Badge, Renting VS owning, letting go of rebellion, and we wrap up our Nerd Discussion…Should you Read the Books before watching, or Being an Expert VS enjoying the show!

Listen! Find out! stay tuned, don’t touch that dial!

Meanwhile…in upcoming podcasts, Fresh Sessions, Fresh content and new guests, New Games and Segments, Modern Style Council, The TIP and Then Some, What’s your “Meh-Close Enough?” Dating Red Flags, Guests calls, Stump The Chump, Modern Merit Badges, Podcast Challenges and more Lindsey Session Tales of the Road! Stay Tuned!

To Book a LIVE Audience Podcast, or LAP SHOW – OR To hire me as your Assistant and Podcast producer, Consultant, Podcasting by Proxy, Social Media Content Manager, and any other inquries. please contact me – Anthony@AnthonyLindseyPodcast.com You may also Follow me on Twitter @1AnthonyLindsey – and on Facebook.com/TheLindseySessions or /SirAnthonyLindsey Tweet or FaceBook me a question, I’ll answer it ON THE AIR!

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Stay tuned for the Live Audience Podcast, it is in the works, I have ideas, I can now offer:

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That’s a wrap on Lindsey Sessions Podcast #083! Many thanks to music contributor, sidekick and podcast sounding board and friend of the show, Greg Piper of Horsepucky and super natural, Super Huge thanks to today’s guest, Alwyn Quebido of City Of Women, Playing at The ELBO ROOM, December 9th – be there! Youtube/CityOfWomenTV – Big thanks to Host, writer, Engineer, Producer, editor, and publicist: Anthony Lindsey, Have a great week! This is Anthony Lindsey for Greg, and Alwyn – saying – get up off the couch, grab a microphone, drum-sticks, camera, Guitar, ipad, or any instrument of art and KEEP MOVING!

Anthony and Alwyn!

Anthony and Alwyn!

Anatomy of a Nerd!

Anatomy of a Nerd!


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  1. Nerds? Here’s the nerd quiz:

    there’s 10 kinds of people
    those that know binary and those that don’t

    if you get the joke then you can identify nerd humor, if you laughed, you don’t get out much.

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